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The Subdivision Process

This document is intended as a general guide to the land subdivision process (only) & does not consider the ‘Development application process’.

There are four (4) separate stages involved in the process that must be completed before you can consider legally selling or transferring your land into another name. If intending to build, we recommend that this subdivision process be undertaken later during the construction stage to simplify the initial development permit. However if you are not intending to build, & simply wish to sell one portion of the land with the planning permit, then this subdivision process will be required to be run in conjunction with the ‘development permit’. In this instance, design drawings are passed on to the land surveyor for their part of the process.

Click here to download the Subdivision Process checklist

Shire councils will generally require a ‘development application’ (which consists of the building design & planning drawings) to accompany any ‘Use’(subdivision) application on ‘infill’ sites within the metropolitan area. Design Equilibrium Pty Ltd will complete the ‘Development’ application and forward relevant drawings to the Land surveyor for their preparation & management of the ‘Use’(subdivision) application. The ‘Use’ (subdivision) application takes less time, & will not progress further than the ‘development’ application as each will be linked.