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Building Permits / Working Drawings

At Design Equilibrium, we don't just focus on obtaining the basic stamped building permit and send you on your way. We focus on providing quality detailed working drawings motivated to assist our clients in various ways over the term of your construction project. Some of the benefits of quality drawings are:

  • During the tender process, as improved drawing detail and accuracy assists the client in obtaining more comparable quotations from each builder thus making choosing the right builder easier.
  • To assist the builder by providing an appropriate level of detailing relevant to the particular project, over and above the minimal requirements needed to obtain a basic building permit, thus assisting to achieve a smoother building process due to requiring reduced communication between the client and the builder on site.
  • To assist the client through the construction process by minimising builders variation costs, and to provide greater protection to the client in relation to the builders level of contract inclusions/exclusions etc.

Whether it's a small dual occupancy or large townhouse development, a family home on large acreage, an apartment complex, a restaurant or office building, our building regulation knowledge plus extensive design & working drawing experience allows us to professionally manage your building application needs right up to the commencement of construction works.

We also produce high quality CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) files that can be purchased on completion of the project if required for use with external manufacturers. Please note that copyright regulations apply.

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